IDROLINE Waterjet Cutting System

Manufacturer Brembana
Machinery Type CNC Machine
Condition New

A technologically perfect cutting robot. Even to the smallest details. The first installation with active speed and jet taper control system. The first continuous probing 5-axis head. Idroline is able to satisfy the most demanding applications and the most exacting customers.

CMS produce a whole range of waterjet machines to suit differing requirements, from the entry level, yet perfectly capable 'EASY LINE' 3 axis machine to the 'WATER SPEEDY' with it's multiple cutting heads.  But the IDROLINE has remained the main choice in this sector thanks to CMS Tecnocut's 20 years of experience of producing these machines.  A highly respected and well-designed machine with many unique features helping it remain the best choice for a wide range of applications.

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